Diapod in 6 points:


A quality product

Machined by metal milling specialists, each DIAPOD is checked attentively and benefits the full extent of our employees's rigour.


Optical Precision 

DIAPOD is the result of research and development of exclusives optical lenses, specially designed, giving it a format and image quality beyond reproach.


Simple, lightweight and durable

Its technical development has been designed so that everyone can use it without difficulty. Made in solid aluminum, DIAPOD offers lightness and harmony of design. Its flexible joints highly limit any risk of damages of the lenses in case of impacts.

Energy efficient and therefore environmentally friendly 

DIAPOD was born thanks to the LED technology, which combines excellent light output and low power consumption (3W).  With it, you can leave your DIAPOD switched on for long hours without consuming much energy and without any risk of overheating.


This is an opportunity to bring back from the attic your old slides and (re) discovere them!You can also create your own slides through our Internet service that lets you turn your digital photos into slide!

Adaptable and upgradeable

You will soon be able to transform your DIAPOD: change optical lens to reduce or enlarge the angle of your projection, colored lenses or kaleidoscopic lenses. And many other potential applications, but we keep a few surprises ...

Our company

The DIAPOD project started in 2009. In 2010 our company was created.
Following the filing of several patents, we decided to market the DIAPOD. This image projector lamp is primarily the result of the work of many professionals such as designers, optical engineers, turners and millers.

All these associates understood and supported our project and our desire for a quality product.
DIAPOD is both simple and strong in its design and in operation. It posseses an impeccable optical quality.
The ethics and quality are the core of our concerns, we have made every effort to ensure that the manufacture of our product is the result of local expertise. Therefore DIAPOD is hand made in small french structures and controlled piece by piece.